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Beginner Belly Fat Workout Plan

The following beginner belly fat workout plan, has been designed to help improve your cardiovascular condition and help tone up your belly and booty region. This is a body weight only workout and no special equipment is required for this workout. Although this is a beginner belly fat workout plan, it is challenging so if you find that the pace is too fast simply pause the video and catch your breath – Go at your own pace.

Simply click the play button to follow the beginner belly fat workout plan:

Here is the format for the beginner belly fat workout plan.

Warm up:

·         High knees

·         Arm reaches

·         Short squats

Light cardio:

Exercise 1: Hook and knee

Exercise 2: Pick up and reach

Exercise 3: Knee ups, shift and touch

Exercise 4: Hook and knee with reach ups

Ab workout:

Exercise 1: Knee up and crunch

Exercise 2: Dead bugs

Exercise 3: Bicycle crunches

Booty workout:

Exercise 1: Single leg kickbacks

Exercise 2: Single leg curls

Exercise 3: Hip thrusts

Exercise 4: Single leg hip thrusts


Stretch 1: Lying groin stretch

Stretch 2: Standing hamstring stretch

Stretch 3: Chest, shoulder and calf stretch

Some important points:

If you feel any cramps, please stop the belly fat workout, stretch and have one of the following electrolyte drinks here.

Lemon Lime Electrolyte Replenishing Drink

Grapefruit Orange Electrolyte Replenishing Drink

If you feel any muscle cramping up I want you to stop immediately, stretch it out slightly and wait for the cramp to subside. Once the cramp subsides, stop working out, call it a day and have an electrolyte drink (above). Cramps are a sign that your body has had enough and over time, as your body starts to get stronger those cramps will disappear.

Have 1 to 2 glasses of water prior to your workout and another during your workout. If you can, have another glass of water post workout along with an electrolyte drink (above).

Perform this beginner belly fat workout plan,  two to three times a week for the first two weeks. Once you start to get stronger you can add another day or two. Once the workout becomes easy for you, it’s time to move onto something more challenging. I will be posting more workouts so please check back often.

Stay safe and Stay strong!!

Blake Bissaillion
Owner, Belly Be Gone