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Hand Raise Low Impact Cardio Exercise

The hand raise exercise is a great, low intense, low impact cardio exercise. It is a very simple exercise to perform and it will help get your heart rate up and body moving. Personally, I enjoy doing the hand raise exercise as a part of my warm up. It helps to loosen up my upper torso, especially the shoulder area. Of course, you can perform the hand raise exercise as part of your main program and possibly use it in combination with another exercise or two (as part of a circuit set). The hand raise exercise is a perfect beginners low impact cardio exercise because it isn’t overly complex. 

The Hand Raise Low Impact Exercise

Position for the hand raise exercise

Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart. Square your shoulders, puff your chest out a bit and keep your head level (look straight ahead). Raise your arms until your hands are at shoulder levels. Retract your shoulder blades slightly to keep your shoulder girdle in the proper position.

How to perform the hand raise exercise

Lift your right arm and reach for the ceiling. Once you’ve extended your arm, bring it back down to the start position and raise your other arm in a simultaneous motion.

Important notes

·         Don’t look down as this will cause you to lose your balance and throw off your form

·         Keep the movement fluid and keep both arms moving in a simultaneous fashion.


Breathe in as you raise your left hand and breathe out as you lower it back to the start position. Repeat this breathing pattern for your right hand.

Video for the hand raise exercise

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