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How To Do The Hip Thrust Exercise

The hip thrust exercise  is "thee" movement that will help you build your booty. The hip thrust exercise uses your gluteus maximus (buttocks) as the main mover for this exercise. It is highly effective for activating the entire region including your buttocks, hips, and hamstrings. Nothing beats the hip thrust for toning, shaping and firming up the booty! 

The great thing about the hip thrust is that it is easy on the knees (compared to squats and lunges) and can be performed anywhere. All you need is a floor to lie down on and you’re good to go!

How to do the hip thrust - Starting position

How to do the hip thrust - Up position

Position for the hip thrust exercise

Lie down on the floor with the backs of your shoulders flush against the ground. Bring your feet up until they are close to 90 degrees. Puff your chest out and retract your shoulders back into the ground. This will help stabilize your shoulder girdle and get your hips into place. Keep your head level and pick a spot on the ceiling to focus on. Keep your arms at either your sides or on your thighs (whichever is more comfortable for you).    

Execution of the hip thrust exercise

Using your legs and hamstrings thrust your hips up towards the ceiling until the fronts of your thigs are level with your stomach. Keep the backs of your shoulder flush to the floor and hold the position for a second or two. Return to the start position and repeat.  


Breathe is as you thrust up and breathe our as you lower your hips back to the start position.   

Important points for the hip thrust exercise

·         Really contract your buttocks and hamstrings in the thrust position. Hold for a few seconds before lowering your hips back to the start position

·         You may need to move your feet closer to your buttocks to make sure you reach the correct height for the thrust position

·         Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor

·         Keep the back of your head and shoulders on the floor

Video for the hip thrust exercise

Hip thrust variation #1 - Single leg hip thrusts. This variation is a much more challenging exercise. Once you can easily perform the regular hip thrust try performing the single leg hip thrust. See video below.

Hip thrust variation #2 - Dumbbell hip thrusts. This variation of the hip thrust adds a bit more resistance to the exercise for more of a challenge. See this page here, the dumbbell hip thrust for more details. Video below.

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