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How To Do The Bicycle Crunch Exercise for The Abs

The bicycle crunch exercise is an absolutely fantastic exercise that helps develop the upper, middle and lower portion of the abdomen region. Although some exercise coordination will be needed for the bicycle crunch it will only take a few sessions to get the hand of this great ab developing exercise. Mind you, it is a challenging movement but once you master the bicycle crunch exercise you will not only have stronger and firmer abs but you will be able to handle much more challenging ab exercises.

Starting position for the bicycle crunch ab exercise

Left leg extension for the bicycle crunch ab exercise

Right leg extension for the bicycle crunch ab exercise

Position for the Bicycle Crunch Exercise

Lie flat against the ground with your knees bent and hands at your sides. Raise your legs up until they are bent at 90 degrees. Raise your arms and place each hand to the side of your head (don’t interlock your hands behind your head).


Pull your left leg up and using your right elbow, lift your shoulders slightly off the ground using your core muscles, crunch to your left knee. You don’t have to touch your knee, just get close and allow your left leg to extend downwards. At the same times as your left leg is extending downwards, lift your right knee up towards your chest and using your right elbow, crunch towards your right knee. This motion should emulate a bicycle movement. Repeat for the amount of prescribed repetitions.

Important Bicycle Crunch Notes

·         Raise your shoulder slightly off the ground as you crunch towards the opposing knee but don’t extend your neck too much downwards

·         Don’t interlock your hands behind your head, place them on the sides of your head

·         Keep your feet 3 to 4 inches off of the ground and don’t allow them to touch the ground

·         You don’t have to touch your knee – use your abs to lift your shoulder off of the ground

Video on how to do the bicycle crunch exercise for the abs

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