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How To Do The Dumbbell Hip Thrust

The dumbbell hip thrust exercise is the same as the regular hip thrust exercise except that you are going to place a dumbbell on your lap as you perform the hip thrust. The main reason for adding a dumbbell to your lap (as you perform the hip thrust) is to add a bit more resistance to the exercise.This exercise is meant to help you strengthen and develop your hamstrings and buttocks.

Let’s face it, as you get stronger and stronger you will be able to perform a lot more hip thrusts which will have diminishing returns. It may be necessary to add a bit more weight to the hip thrust exercise to provide more resistance or maybe include the regular hip thrust in either a superset or tri set.

The point is, to keep your muscles improving and moving forward, it is necessary to add more challenges to your exercise.  Adding additional weight (such as a dumbbell) will keep your muscles from stalling out and keep you moving forward.

How to do the dumbbell hip thrust - Start position

How to do the dumbbell hip thrust - Up position

Position for the dumbbell hip thrust exercise

Lay an exercise or yoga mat on the floor. If you don’t have an exercise or yoga mat try placing a blanket or towel on the ground. Place a dumbbell on the floor beside the mat. Lie on the ground with your back flat against the floor. Grab the dumbbell and place it on your lower abdomen and grip it with both hands. Look straight up at the ceiling and keep your feet a few inches apart. Your knees should be close to a 45 degree angle (give or take a few degrees).

How to perform the dumbbell hip thrust exercise

Keeping the backs of your shoulder flat against the floor, raise your buttocks of the floor until your thighs are level with your belly. Pause at the top part of the movement and squeeze your booty. Lower your body back to the ground and repeat as needed.


Breathe in as you thrust upwards and breathe out as you descend back to the ground.

Important points for the dumbbell hip thrust exercise

·         Keep the backs of your shoulders flush to the floor.

·         Keep your feet flat against the floor.

·         Pick a spot on the ceiling and keep your gaze fixed on it for the duration of the movement.

·         If you feel your hamstrings cramping up, please stop the exercise and call it a day.

·         Keep both hands on the dumbbell.

Video for the dumbbell hip thrust

You can also perform the hip thrust with no weight. See the video below or this page here - how to do the hip thrust

Here's a video on how to perform the single leg hip thrust. This is a little more difficult and challenging than the regular hip thrust exercise. You can also see this page here for instructions - how to do the single leg hip thrust

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