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What Is A Tri Set?

A tri set is an interesting training concept because it involves performing 3 exercises in successive manner. Taking the superset concept one step further, the tri set employs the use of one additional exercise to add an extra level of training intensity. Although, not quite a full circuit set the tri set can be thought of as a mini circuit set (or giant set).

Why perform a tri set?

There are a variety of reasons to perform a try set but the way I look at it, a tri set accomplishes the following results:

 1) It adds a lot more intensity into your workouts

2) It cuts down on workout time

3) It increases the amount of blood flow into your muscles

4) They feel great and are super fun to perform!

Let’s take 3 ab exercises as an example.

- Ankle grabs

- Dead bugs

- Crunches

To perform a tri set, perform a set of ankle grabs first. Without resting, perform a set of dead bugs and without resting perform your final exercise which are crunches.

1) Perform your first exercise (in this example, ankle grabs)

2) As soon as you’ve finished your first example (in this example ankle grabs), perform your next exercise (in this example dead bugs) without resting

3) As soon as you’ve completed your second exercise, perform your final exercise (which in this case are crunches) without resting. 

This is considered one tri set.

What's The Benefit of Tri Sets?

1) Tri sets will cut your workout time by three quarters! You can perform a tri set workout for your entire body in under 20 minutes!

2) Tri sets will add more intensity into your routine!

3) Tri sets are challenging! They are more challenging than supersets but no as challenging as circuit sets.

4) Tri sets are exciting and will add a new angle to your training

5) Tri sets are great for burning fat and building muscle

You can perform a tri set for just about any types of exercises or muscle groups. For example, let’s say you want to do a tri set for chest. You can perform the bench press followed by the incline dumbbell press followed by the pec deck. You can perform a tri set for different muscle groups such as the chest, back and shoulders. Perhaps do a dumbbell bench press followed by the dumbbell row followed by front raises. The tri set combinations are endless and you are only limited by your imagination and goals.

Here are two tri set examples for the abs (belly):

Ab Tri Set Between Ankle Grabs - Dead Bugs - Ab Crunches

Ab Tri Set Between Bicycle Crunch - Ankle Grabs - Ab Crunch Holds

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