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What Is A Superset?

Supersets are a great way to add more training intensity into your workouts. By using supersets you can effectively train one or more body parts while cutting down on gym time. What I love about supersets is that it really pumps a lot of blood into my muscles while increasing my training intensity. The end result is a great muscle pump while spending less time in the gym.

What is a superset?

A superset is performing two exercises in successive fashion with minimal rest in between exercises. For example, let’s take a look at a superset between dumbbell curls and dumbbell kickbacks. First, perform a set of dumbbell curls. Once you complete the set of dumbbell curls, immediately perform a set of dumbbell kick-backs. This is considered 1 superset.

1) Perform 1 set of your first exercise. In this example, dumbbell curls.

2) With no rest, immediately perform your next exercise which in this example is triceps dumbbell kickbacks

This is considered one superset.

What's The Benefit of Supersets?

1) Supersets cut your workout time in half;

2) Supersets increase the amount of workout intensity per superset exercise. Supersets force your muscles to work harder and increase the challenge of the exercise; The result is a healthier and stronger muscle!

3) Supersets pump more blood (oxygen) into your muscles. This is important because the more oxygen you have in your muscles the more capillary pathways will be connected hence, better fat burning and muscular development. 

4) It feels AWESOME!!

You can do supersets for just about any type of exercise including for the same muscle groups or opposing muscle groups. The purpose of a superset is to add more training intensity into your workout while reducing the amount of time you spend working out. Get as creative as you want with supersets and try out different combinations. For example, try doing a superset for opposing muscle groups such as chest and back or maybe do compound exercise supersets such as squats and stiff leg dead lifts. You are only limited in your imagination when it comes to supersets. 

To add a bit more of a challenge to the superset, add on one more exercise for a "tri set". Tri sets will take your training to the next level. What is a tri set?

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