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Easy Morning Weight Loss Exercise Plan - Your Morning Activation Routine

A morning activation routine is meant to help activate your metabolism, muscles and cardiovascular system at the most opportune time which is first thing in the morning. Once your muscles are activated they will begin working and will start to draw in calories. Once your cardiovascular system is activated it will start to burn body fat. The sooner you can activate your muscles and cardiovascular system the sooner you start to burn fat and calories. 

The following morning activation routine is meant to help you activate your muscular and cardiovascular system to kick start your body’s metabolism. The following routine is a light body activation routine that uses a combination of low impact cardio, bodyweight resistance and light stretching. It shouldn’t take you any longer than 20 minutes to complete this short activation routine. If you are going to walk or perform a light cardio workout on your cardio machine, please don't do this morning activation routine.

Remember, the faster you activate you muscular and cardiovascular system upon awakening the sooner you start to burn fat. I want you to perform this morning routine immediately after having your “Body wake up weight loss drink”:

The BodyFIT Morning Wake Up Drink

The wake up drink is meant to kick start your metabolism. This will jump start your body’s response to the activation routine and improve your results.

- 1 glass of water

- one to two tablespoons fresh lemon juice

- few shakes of cayenne pepper

- few shakes of ginger

- optional* add a bit of honey or maple syrup to take the edge off the drink

- 1 BodyFIT Belly Be Gone Fat Burner Capsule

Have one BodyFIT Belly Be Gone Capsule with your wake up drink and perform this routine every morning. As soon as you've finished the morning wake up drink perform the morning activation weight loss routine. Drink one glass of water during your exercises. For more information on the morning wake up drink recipe see this page here.

Here's a video of me making the BodyFIT morning wake up drink:

Your Morning Activation Routine

Your exercises are as follows:

Knee touches: 1 set of 40 repetitions

Hand raises: 1 set of 40 repetitions

Short squats: 1 set of 30 repetitions

Reach ups: 1 set of 20 repetitions 

Wall Push Ups: 2 set of 12 repetitions

Bodyweight Squats: 1 set of 15 repetitions

Criss cross scissor kicks: 2 sets of 16 repetitions

Dead bugs: 1 set of 20 repetitions

Perform the exercises at your own pace. Remember, if you have any prior injuries please check with your doctor before performing the exercises. Have a healthy breakfast 20 to 30 minutes after performing your morning activation routine.

I strongly suggest you have the Belly Be Gone Fat Burner Capsule with your morning wake up drink. The combination of your morning wake up drink, your belly be gone fat burners and your morning activation routine will set you up for ongoing thermal response (calorie burn) for the entire morning. Have another belly be gone capsule with your lunch. Order your belly be gone capsules here

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Stay safe and Stay strong!


Over his 30 plus years of experience, Blake Bissaillion has worked with nationally ranked body builders, power lifters and fitness professionals. In this time he has picked up volumes of applied knowledge that he openly shares with his clients. Mr. Bissaillion’s objective is to help as many beginners to weight training and fitness to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals while getting into their best possible shape. Mr. Bissaillion owns and operates Belly Be Gone, a fitness company that offers fitness and nutritional guidance and products.

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