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How To Do The Plank Exercise for The Abs

The plank exercise is a pretty straightforward ab exercise that doesn’t require any special equipment and can be done anywhere. The exercise is a pretty simple one to perform, simply keep your body relatively level while holding your body in a plank position. Although simple, it is a somewhat difficult exercise to perform simply because it keeps constant tension on your abdominal region.

In addition, it works your triceps (back of your arm), chest, and shoulders. It may take a few sessions to get the hang of the plank exercise but hang in there, it’s a great exercise to strengthen your ab region and set the stage for more advanced abdominal exercises. Below I am going to show you how to do the plank exercise for the abs.

The plank exercise for the abs

Position for the plank exercise

I suggest you lay a foam mat or towels down under your elbows prior to performing the plank. Since all of your weight is going to be supported by your feet and arms, you will need some padding for those areas.

In a kneeling position, lie down on the floor with your face facing the floor. Prop yourself up using your elbows and feet. Level your body; you don’t want your buttocks to be too high or too close to the ground. Try and get your body about 5 inches from the floor.

Execution of the plan exercise

Contracts your abs and hold the plank for the recommended amount of time.

Important points on how to do a plank

·         Retract your shoulders. Don’t push your shoulders forward as this will put your rotator cuff into an awkward position. Keep your shoulders retracted.

·         Don’t look up – pick a spot on the floor and look at it for the duration of the exercise

Video on how to do the plank exercise

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