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How To Do The Ankle Grab Ab Exercise

I personally love doing the ankle grab exercise. The main reason is that the exercise allows me to keep my shoulders and upper body totally stationary while keeping 100% of contraction on the abs. In addition, the ankle grab exercise is not a complicated exercise to perform. Simply lie down on the ground, bend your knees and reach for you ankle using a back and forth motion with your arms. You can also perform this exercise anywhere and it doesn’t require any special equipment.

Starting position

Reach to touch your right left ankle

Reach to touch your left ankle

Position for the ankle grab exercise

Lie down on the ground with your back flat against the floor with your knees bent and hands at your sides. Keep your head level and look straight up.

Execution of the ankle grab exercise

Using your abdominal muscles, raise your shoulders slightly off the ground and using your right arm reach to grab your ankle. Once you touch your ankle use the other arm to touch your left arm to touch your other left ankle. Your movement should be a “back and forth” motion alternating between your left and right arm.


Breathe in as you reach for your right ankle and breathe out as you reach for your left ankle.

Important points about the ankle grab exercise

- Look straight up – pick a spot on the ceiling and look at it for the duration of the exercise. Don’t be tempted to look forward to your legs

- Keep constant tension on your abdominal muscles

- Remember to reach for your ankles and not to bring your feet up

- Use a foam mat or towels to like on

Video for the ankle grab exercise

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