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How To Do The Scissor Kicks Exercise for the Abs

The scissor kicks ab exercise is a great exercise that will help strengthen your entire abdominal region but it really concentrates on the lower part of your core. The scissor kick is a pretty simple exercise to perform and you can do it anywhere with no special equipment.  The one thing you have to remember about the scissor kick is to keep constant tension on your abs. In addition, the scissor kick is a great introduction exercise into other more advanced movements simply because of the nature of the movement. It may take you a few sessions but once know how to do scissor kicks your abs will not only be stronger and more developed but you will be in a much better position to perform other core movements.

Below I will show you how to do the scissor kicks exercise for the abs.

Scissor kicks for the abs - starting position

Scissor kicks for the abs - left leg

Scissor kicks for the abs - Right leg

Position for the scissor kick

Lie with your back flat against the ground and legs straight. Place your hands either at your sides, on your hips or behind your buttocks (to help leverage). Keep your head level and eyes straight

Execution of the scissor kick

Raise both legs about 4 inches off of the ground and slightly bent. Lift your left leg upwards to a 70 degree angle and slowly lower it back down. At the same time, “kick” your right leg upwards to the same angle and repeat for the right leg. The movement should resemble a “scissor” motion, moving your legs up and down in alternating fashion.


Breathe in as you kick upwards and out as you lower your back down. Repeat that breathing pattern for the other leg.

Important notes on how to do scissor kicks

·         Keep constant tension on your abs

·         If you feel friction on your tailbone, place either a towel of foam mat on the ground

·         Only kick up to a position you feel comfortable – don’t over extend

·         IF you feel any cramps in your abs stop immediately until the cramp is over and call it a day

Video on how to do the scissor kick exercise for the abs

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