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Cross Foot Touches Plus Reach Ups

This low impact cardio fat burning movement is a combination movement between the cross foot touch and the reach up. This is sometimes called a superset movement in which two exercises are performed in a simultaneous fashion. The main benefit to this type movement is that it makes the exercise much more challenging.

To perform this combination, low impact cardio exercise you will perform the prescribed repetitions for the cross foot touch and once you have completed those repetitions you will want immediately perform the reach up (for the prescribed amount of repetitions). This is considered 1 superset.

Mind you, it is still a low impact cardio exercise that doesn’t involve any direct impact via jumping or skipping so it’s easier on your joints. Don’t let that fool you into thinking it is an easy movement because it is not! This combination movement is for the more intermediate trainer so if you are just starting out, you may want to perform the cross foot touch or reach up as stand-alone movements.

Start by performing a set of cross foot touches as below.

As soon as you've finished a set of cross foot touches, immediately perform a set of reach ups, as below.

Position for the cross foot toe touch

Standing upright with your back straight, keep your head level and look straight ahead. Keep your feet at roughly shoulder width apart.

How to perform the cross foot toe touch

Raise your left foot upwards in cross body fashion and using your right hand, touch your toes. Once you touch your toes, bring your left foot back to the starting position and lift your right foot upwards and reaching with your left hand, touch your right foot. Repeat the movement for the prescribed amount of repetitions.

As soon as you finished doing your repetitions for the cross foot touch you will immediately perform a set of reach ups.

Position for the reach up

Stand with your back straight and head level. Keep your feet at slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

How to perform the reach up

To start the movement, squat down keeping allowing your knees to bend and reach down to emulate picking something off of the floor. Go as far as you can comfortably go and squat back up reaching upwards as you do. Fully extend your arms upwards (as to emulate putting something on the top shelf). Squat back down and repeat the movement for the prescribed amount of repetitions.

Important notes about the cross foot touch plus reach ups

•    This is a combination, low impact cardio exercise so you will want to take it easy at first. It may take a few workouts to get the hang of the exercise flow so give your body some time to adjust to the low impact cardio exercise.

•    If you find you need a few seconds rest after cross foot touches, take a few seconds to catch your breathe.  Remember though, you will want to shorten those rest periods as you progress on a week to week basis until you are able to perform both exercise in simultaneous fashion without resting in between sets.

•    Once a set has been finished, allow yourself 30 to 50 seconds rest until you perform another set.

•    Try not to look up or down as this will break form and you may lose your balance

•    For more information on combination movements see my page "what is a superset".


For the cross foot touch, breathe in as you touch one leg and breathe out as you lower the leg back down. For the reach up, breathe in as you squat down and breath up as you "reach up".

Video for the cross foot touch plus reach up low impact cardio exercise

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