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Wide Stance Goblet Squats

The wide stance goblet squat is almost the same motion as the regular goblet squat except that your legs are spaced further apart. By spacing your legs further apart you place more emphasis on the hips and butt for added development. I personally enjoy doing the wide stance goblet squat with my hip and glute (booty) routine because it works well with stiff leg dead lifts in a super set fashion.

If you have never tried goblet squats before I suggest starting with the regular goblet squat first before attempting the wide stance variation. If you have never tried squats before, you may want to try doing body weight squats or dumbbell chair squats first. 

How to do the wide stance goblet squat exercise

Position for the wide stance goblet squat

Place a dumbbell in front of you. Stand as straight as you can and retract your shoulder blades (using your back muscles). Puff your chest out proud and keep your head level with eyes straight forward. Move your feet apart until they are two to three feet apart. Don’t go too wide as it places more strain on your groin region. Start with two feet and see how it feels.

Bend at your knees and pick up a dumbbell. Stand with the dumbbell at hip level with both hands. Lift the dumbbell until it is at chin level and turn the dumbbell so you are holding the top end in the palms of both of your hands. The bottom part of the dumbbell should be hanging towards the floor.

Execution of the wide stance goblet squat

Slowly bend at your knees and “squat” down while keeping your back straight. Keep your eyes fixed on a spot on the wall and stare at it. Squat down until you are just above parallel with the ground. Pause for a moment and using your legs, propel yourself upwards and stop just shy of locking your knees. Don’t lock your knees and keep them slightly bend with tension on your thighs, butt and hamstrings. Repeat the movement for the prescribed amount of repetitions. Once you have completed the exercise bring the dumbbell back down to your waist and bending at the knees, put the weight back on the floor.


Breathe in as you squat down and breathe out as squat upwards.

Important points

·         When you come back up into the start position, squeeze your booty and hamstrings. Remember; don’t lock out your legs.

·         Don’t look down as this will cause you to round your back causing you to lose posture. Keep your back straight and eyes forward. Pick a spot on the wall that’s just above eye level and stare at it for the duration of the movement.

·         If you feel that your stance is too wide, move your feet closer together.

Video for the wide stance goblet squat exercise

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