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How To Perform The Dumbbell Chair Squat

The dumbbell chair squat is a great exercise to help build and strengthen your upper thighs, hamstrings, buttocks and lower back. The dumbbell chair squat is a little different from other, traditional forms of the squat because it uses a chair. The main reason for using a chair is that it provides a bit more balance and a “natural” feel to the movement. I also find that it helps take a bit of the pressure off the knees as well.

The dumbbell chair squat is a great exercise for beginners and it will help you develop balance and technique.

How to perform the dumbbell chair squat - Starting position

How to perform the dumbbell chair squat - Bottom position

Position for the dumbbell chair squat exercise

Put two dumbbells on the floor near the ends of a chair. Stand so that your feet are at shoulder witch apart and the dumbbells on either side of your feet. Grab a pair of dumbbells off the floor and stand straight up. Move back a bit so that your feet are a few inches away from the front of the chair. Retract your shoulder blades and puff your chest out while slightly arching your lower back. Keep your back nice and straight and keep your head level. Your eyes should be looking straight ahead. I suggest picking a spot on the wall and focus on that spot.

Execution of dumbbell chair squat exercise

Bend at the knees and allow your buttocks to lightly touch the chair and using your upper thighs and buttocks, squat back up until you are at the starting position. Keep your eyes fixed on the spot on the wall and don’t look down (this will cause you to lose balance). Repeat as needed.


Breathe in as you squat down and breathe out as you squat back up.

Important points for the dumbbell chair squat exercise

·         Keep your back straight and head level. Don’t be tempted to look down as this will cause you to round your back and lose your balance.

·         Keep your shoulders retracted. This will keep your shoulder girdle in line with your back and in proper squatting position.

·         Remember to bend at the knees.

Video for the dumbbell chair squat exercise

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