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Resistance Band Hamstring Curl

The resistance band hamstring curl exercise is a great way to develop and strengthen your hamstrings. It will also target your glutes (buttocks) and calves. What I like about the resistance band hamstring curl is the constant tension on my hamstrings throughout the entire range of motion, from start to finish. It’s also a pretty simple exercise to set up. You can either perform this exercise standing up or lying down on your stomach. For this demonstration I am going to be standing up. If you have a dumbbell you can also try a variation of the hamstring curl here.

I use the GoFit resistance band system. I highly recommend these resistance tubes since they are super versatile which will allow you to perform a wide range of exercises and can fit in most doorways.

Resistance band hamstring curl left leg

Resistance band hamstring curl right leg

Position for the resistance band hamstring curl exercise

Place the resistance band anchor near bottom of the doorway, just under the bottom door hinge. You will need to use the leg attachment for this exercise. I keep the resistance band handle on one end and the leg attachment on the other. The reason is that I can hold onto the one end of the resistance band with my free hand in order to keep the proper length and tension for the other end of the resistance band (attached to my leg).  

Place your foot into the leg attachment (for the resistance band). With your free hand, pick up the other end of the resistance band and take a few steps back (until you feel some tension in the resistance band). You may want to place your free hand on the wall for balance. Keep your back nice and straight and keep your head level with your eyes forward.

How to perform the resistance band hamstring curl exercise

Slowly curl your leg upwards towards your butt just past the parallel point with the ground and your bent leg. You should feel a contraction in your hamstrings (back of your upper thigh). Pause for a moment and slowly allow your leg to descend back to the starting position. Perform the prescribed amount of repetitions and repeat for the other leg.


Breathe in as you curl your leg upwards and breathe out as you return back to the start position.   

Important points

·         It is very important to maintain correct posture during this exercise because you want to make sure your hips remain stable. To do so, stand up straight and retract your shoulder blades (using your back muscles). Puff out your chest and slightly arch your lower back. This will position your hips properly to your back and shoulders.

·         Wear some socks! The leg attachment may cause some minor irritation on your skin so wear some socks to avoid this.

·         Your upper thigh should be stationary. The only part of your leg that should be moving is your lower leg (below your knee).

·         Keep the movement slow, controlled and fluid - Don’t jerk your leg back or forward.  

Video for the resistance band hamstring curl

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