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The Lying Dumbbell Floor Hamstring Curl Exercise

I love this exercise! It’s a super simple exercise to perform and I can really feel my hamstrings working. It’s about as close as you’re going to get to a real hamstring curl apparatus from the gym as you’re going to get at home (without the hamstring apparatus). All you need is a dumbbell and you’re good to go! The trick to the dumbbell hamstring exercise is to get a good grip on the dumbbell using the arch of your feet. Try not to use your toes because your calves will cramp up!

I strongly suggest you take off your shoes for this exercise since it can be difficult to grip the dumbbell (using gym shoes).

The lying dumbbell floor hamstring curl exercise - Starting position

The lying dumbbell floor hamstring curl exercise - Up position

Position for the dumbbell hamstring curl exercise

Place a dumbbell on the floor. Lie down with your stomach on the floor and using your feet, locate the dumbbell. You will need to “feel” around but grip one end of the dumbbell with both of your feet and “flip” it so the dumbbell is almost standing straight up. Move your feet so that the dumbbell is resting on the arches of your feet (not the toes). Raise your body up using your elbows and look forward.     

How to perform the dumbbell hamstring curl exercise

Using your feet, curl the dumbbell upwards until they are at a 90 degree angle. Stop and pause for a second or two and really contract your hamstrings and buttocks.  Slowly lower the weight back down to the start position and repeat as desired.


Breathe in as you curl the weight up and breathe out as you lower the weight back to the start position.  

Important points for the lying dumbbell floor hamstring curl exercise

·         It will take a few tries to get it right. You may have to move and fiddle with the dumbbell a few times at first but over time you’ll develop a technique.

·         Remember to use the arches of your feet to hold the dumbbell and not your toes. If you hold the dumbbell with your toes your calves may cramp up.

·         Keep your head level and looking forward

·         Use a yoga mat to lie down on

Video for the lying dumbbell floor hamstring curl exercise

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