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Low Impact Front Jacks Cardio Exercise

The front jack is a low impact alternative to the traditional jumping jack. The low impact front jack exercise allows you to emulate the jumping jack movement without any jumping which may put your knees and ankles at risk. It’s a relatively easy movement to perform but it is an effective exercise to help get your cardiovascular system pumping and to activate your upper and lower body muscle groups. I love to use front jacks in the middle of my cardio circuit sets because it helps to stimulate more muscle groups while keeping my heart rate pumping.

Below I will show you how to do the low impact front jacks cardio exercise.

Front jacks cardio exercise - starting position

Front jacks cardio exercise - left leg position

Front jacks cardio exercise - right leg position

Position for the front jack low impact exercise

Keep your back straight and head level. Look straight ahead and keep your feet at shoulder width apart.

How to perform the front jack low impact exercise

With your right leg, take one step backwards while simultaneously raising both arms. Once your right leg is back, move it forward and lower both arms. Using your left leg, take one step backwards and raise both arms. Once your left leg is back, move it back and repeat with your right leg. Repeat this sequence until you’ve completed the desired amount of repetitions

Important notes for the front jack low impact exercise

Don’t look down or side to side as this will cause you to lose your balance and throw off your form. Keep your head level, pick a spot on the wall and stare at it for the duration of the exercise.

Keep your shoulders square and allow your back to remain straight and level.

Don’t skip and only take a step back that’s comfortable for you.

Breathing for the  front jack

Breathe in as you move your left leg back and breathe out as you move it forward. Repeat this breathing sequence for your right leg.

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