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How To Stretch Your Abs

Abs is an easy muscle group to cramp up, especially if you’re not used to performing abdominal exercises. It’s also the most uncomfortable muscle to cramp! Cramped abs are the worst and not only because it hurts but it feels like there’s nothing you can do about it. Also, stretching your abs can be difficult, not like stretching your chest or shoulders so finding an ab stretch that doesn’t contort or put your body at risk can be hard to find.

Today I’m going to show you how to stretch your abs that will help alleviate any abdominal cramps you may have and to keep them limber and flexible. It’s a pretty simple stretch and you don’t need any fancy equipment plus you don’t need to put your body in any weird positions.  

How to stretch your abs - Starting position

How to stretch your abs - Arms down position

Position for the ab stretch

Lie a yoga mat or a towel on the floor to help cushion your back. Lie down with the backs of your shoulders flush against the ground. Keep your back nice and straight. Extend your legs so that they are flat against the ground with your heels on the floor.  Bring your arms upwards so that they are directly in front of you at so that they are at a 90 degree angle.

Keep your head level and eyes forward. Pick a spot on the ceiling and stare at if for the duration of the stretch.

How to stretch your abs

Brings your arms back and downwards and hold once arms are on the floor. Slightly arch your back until you feel your abs stretch. Hold for the prescribed time and bring your arms back to your sides.


Take a deep breath as you lower your arms and breathe our while you are in the downward position. Keep taking deep, natural breaths as you hold the stretch. Breathe in as you bring your arms back up and breathe out in the top position.

Important notes about the ab stretch exercise

·         If you find you can’t extend your arms all the way back to the floor, go as far as you can.  

·         Don’t force the stretch

·         Once you feel a slight stretch in your abdominal region, stop and hold.

·         If you feel any discomfort anywhere else while performing the stretch, stop the stretch.

·         Don’t’ look down at your feet as this will cause you to round your shoulders. Keep your shoulders retracted and stationary while performing the stretch.

Video on how to stretch your abs

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