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How To Stretch Your Shoulder

This shoulder stretch is a great way to keep your lateral and rear deltoids (shoulders) limber and stretched. You can perform this shoulder stretch anywhere and it is a super simple stretch to do. The one thing that I must caution you is to make sure your upper body is position properly before attempting any type of upper body stretch. It is vital that your shoulder girdle be in line with your back and hips while being in the proper position. Once your shoulders are their proper position this shoulder stretch will help keep your tendons and muscles flexible.

To find out how to properly position your upper body for stretches, see this page here.

How to stretch your shoulder - Right arm

How to stretch your shoulder - Left arm

Position for the shoulder stretch

Stand with your back straight and your shoulders retracted. Puff your chest out. Lift your right arm up so that it is parallel to the ground. Remember, keep your shoulder retracted (don’t allow it to move forward).

How to stretch your shoulder

Curl your left hand around your right elbow and gently pull your right arm towards your left shoulder. Once you feel a slight stretch in your shoulder, stop and hold the stretch for the prescribed amount of time. Repeat for your left arm.


Keep your breathing natural taking deep breaths in and out as you hold the stretch.

Important notes about the shoulder stretch exercise

·         Do not round your shoulder or allow it to protract forward. Keep your shoulders retracted at all times using your back muscles to pull your shoulder blades down. This will keep your shoulder structures open.

·         Don’t be tempted to look down, keep your head level and eyes forward.

·         Don’t force the stretch, once you feel a slight stretch, stop and hold.

·         Don’t jerk or bounce the stretch. Use a slow, fluid motion to get into your stretch position.

·         Keep your chest puffed out

·         Keep your feet about 3 to 4 inches apart.

Video on how to stretch your shoulder

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