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How To Do The Standing Dumbbell Hammer Curl Exercise

The standing dumbbell hammer curl is very similar to the standing dumbbell curl with one small variation. Instead of gripping the dumbbell with your palms up (as with traditional dumbbell curls) you are going to grip them with your palms facing each other. The effect of this grip variation is to use more brachioioradialus (the meaty upper part of your forearm) muscle.

In addition you will be using your biceps (front part of your upper arm) but this variation adds a bit more “flavor” to the traditional biceps curl. Personally, I perform a hammer curl type movement at the end of my biceps routine to really flush out the forearm and biceps muscle which adds an intensity boost to my arm workout.   

How to do the standing dumbbell hammer curl exercise - Start position

How to do the standing dumbbell hammer curl exercise - Full curl position

Position for the dumbbell hamstring curl exercise

Grab a pair of dumbbells with your arms fully extended at your sides. To get into proper position, retract your shoulders back and down while puffing your chest out. Arch your lower back slightly. Keep your head level and your eyes looking straight ahead. Pick a spot on the wall and focus on that spot throughout the movement.  The head of the dumbbell should be pointing forward and your palms facing each other.

How to perform the dumbbell hamstring curl exercise

To perform the hammer curl, keep your shoulders stationary and curl the weight upwards until the dumbbells are near your chest. Pause for a second or two and slowly lower the weight back down to the start position.  Repeat as needed.


Breathe in as you curl the weight up and breathe out as you lower the weight back to the start position.  

Important points for the lying dumbbell floor hamstring curl exercise

·         Remember to keep the top part of the dumbbell facing forward and your palms facing each other.

·         At the top portion of the movement, contract your biceps for the count of two.

·         Slowly allow the weight to come back down and grip the dumbbell hard

Video for the standing dumbbell hammer curl exercise

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