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The Dumbbell Triceps Kickback Exercise

The dumbbell triceps kickback exercise is an exercise that will help strengthen and tone the back of your arms (triceps).  For a lot of us, the backs or our arms can be a stubborn place to get rid of fat. In addition, there may be some loose skin around that area which may sag making the back of the arms look “droopy”. The dumbbell triceps kickback exercise is an exercise that will help take care of that problem. It’s an exercise that emphasizes triceps contraction, especially in the upward and extended position.

The trick to the making the dumbbell triceps kickback exercise highly effective is the top or extended part of the movement. It is imperative that you fully extend and contract your triceps (back of your arms) in this phase of the exercise.

Dumbbell triceps kickback starting position

Dumbbell triceps kickback extended position

Position for the dumbbell triceps kickback exercise

Grab a pair of light dumbbells and holding the dumbbells with both hands, stand up straight with the dumbbells at your sides. Bend at the waist and lean forward until your body is bent at close to 90 degrees. In a rowing motions, row your arms up until they are parallel to the ground while keep your elbows at 90 degrees. This is your starting position.

Execution of dumbbell triceps kickback exercise

While keeping your shoulders and upper arms stationary, extend your forearms and hands back until they are fully extended. Pause and contract the back of your arms for a second or two and slowly lower the dumbbells back to the start position.

Breathing for the dumbbell triceps kickback exercise

Breathe in as you extend the dumbbells upwards and breathe our as you lower them back to the starting position.

Important points for the dumbbell triceps kickback

·         Try and look forward as you perform the exercise, this will allow you to keep your shoulders and back aligned and in a straight position.

·         Keep your upper arms stationary, do not use a swinging motion or use your shoulders to move the weight. You should only be using the back of your arms (triceps) to extend the weight upwards. If you start swinging the weight or start using your shoulders to move the weight, lighten the dumbbells. If you’ve used the lightest dumbbells you have, try using no weight.

·         Very important. Make sure you fully contract the backs of your arms when they are in the extended, upward position.

·         You may either take a step forward so that one leg is in front of the other (as shown above) or you can keep both feet together. I personally prefer to take a step forward as it helps with balance and stability.

Video for the dumbbell triceps kickback exercise

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