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How To Do Kneeling Leg Crossovers

The kneeling leg crossover exercise is a great exercise to help strengthen and develop the mid to upper buttock region. It will also help build your hamstrings and hips. I usually include the kneeling leg cross over exercise in my leg routine because it is very effective. Trust me, if you want well developed buttocks and hamstrings, this exercise is a must. However, it is difficult. If you’re a beginner I suggest trying the kneeling kickback or standing kickbacks first and maybe the hamstring curl before trying the kneeling leg crossover exercise.

How to do kneeling leg crossovers - Start position

How to do kneeling leg crossovers - Right leg position

How to do kneeling leg crossovers - Left leg position

Position for the kneeling leg crossover exercise

Place either a yoga mat or a towel on the floor (you may want to use a pillow under your knee if you have bad knees). Kneel on your hands and knees until your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Retract your shoulders and puff your chest outwards. Slightly arch your back and stick your buttocks out. Move your right leg to the side by about two feet.      

How to perform the kneeling leg crossover exercise

Raise your right leg up and cross it over your left leg until you can touch the floor on the other side of your left leg. Pause for a moment and raise it back over your left leg and back to the start position. Repeat for the desired amount of repetitions.  

Do the same for your right leg and repeat for the desired amount of repetitions.


Breathe in as you raise your right leg and breathe out as you touch the floor. Repeat for the left leg.     

Important points for the kneeling leg crossover exercise

·         Keep your back and shoulders stationary. Let your hips, buttocks and hamstrings to the work.

·         Keep your hands and knees on the floor at all times

·         Keep your back straight

·         The wider the crossover the more difficult. Try using smaller crossovers to start and once you get more comfortable, increase the distance.

Video for the kneeling leg crossover exercise

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