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Home Low Impact Cardio Exercise 
- The Lateral Shift and Touch Plus Reach Ups -

This is one of my favourite home low impact cardio movements. This is a combination movement that combines the lateral shift and touch plus the reach up exercise. This is a challenging low impact movement that will have your breathing pretty heavy after a set. However, it is very safe on your joints since there is not jumping, skipping or hopping.

There is some body shift work (from left to right and right to left) plus some reaching down but your body never leaves the ground. For those of you who can’t do burpees or mountain climbers and looking for something that will really get your heart rate up this is a great exercise to perform.

This is a combination exercise so you will perform the lateral shift and touch first and without resting, perform the reach up exercise next. You can perform this low impact cardio exercise anywhere including the gym or your home.

Perform the lateral shift and touch first

Without resting, immediately perform the reach up exercise

Position for the lateral shift and touches

Stand straight, keeping your feet at shoulder width apart. Retract your shoulders, slightly arch your lower back and puff your chest out. Keep your arms in the ready position with your knees slightly bent.

How to perform shift and touch

Using your legs, laterally shift your body to the right (a step or two) and reach down to touch the floor (or near it) with your right hand. Get up and laterally shift your body to the left and reach down to the floor (or near it) with your right hand.  Stand up and perform the reach up exercise.

Position for the reach up exercise

Your feet should be at shoulder width apart. Keep your shoulder blades retracted and puff your chest out slightly.

How to perform the reach exercise

Reach down with both hands (while squatting) to just below your knee level. Stop and propel yourself upwards and reach up as if you are putting something on a shelf.  Repeat the movement as needed.

Repeat this combination for as many times as needed. I suggest performing this low impact cardio movement 3 times (in the combination sequence) and see how you feel afterwards.


Lateral shift and touch: Take a deep breath in as you shift and touch and breathe out as get back up and shift back.
Reach ups: Breathe in as your reach down and breath out as your reach up. It’ll take a bit of practice but you’ll get the hang of it.  

Important notes about the lateral shift and touch plus reach up cardio combination

·         Keep your core activated throughout the entire movement

·         If you can’t touch the floor go as far as you can without straining yourself.

·         If you can’t squat all the way down, only go as far as you’re comfortable. Don’t strain yourself.

·         This is a challenging exercise so if you’re just starting out, perform a few run troughs and see how you feel. If you can handle more, go for it. If you’re too out of breath, take it easy and move onto your next exercise.  

Video for the lateral shift and touch plus reach up low impact cardio exercise

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