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Good Mornings Using A Dumbbell

Good mornings with a dumbbell is an exercise designed to help strengthen your lower back, hamstrings and booty.  This exercise is very effective at developing your booty and hamstrings and is a great movement to include in your normal routine. Personally, I use good mornings as an exercise to help activate (warm) up my lower back and buttocks for my main leg workout session. It’s a great exercise to help warm those areas up and to activate those muscle groups (such as the booty and hamstrings) prior to your main leg workout. Although, the good morning with a dumbbell can be an effective stand-alone exercise to be included in your workouts.

Good mornings are usually done with a barbell across your back but in this instance, we are going to use a single dumbbell holding it directly in front of our chest. What’s the difference? None really except that you will really have to concentrate on keep the dumbbell stationary and your back straight.

Good mornings using a dumbbell - Starting position

Good mornings using a dumbbell - down position

Position for the good morning with a dumbbell

Grab a dumbbell and bring it up to your chest. While keeping your feet at shoulder width apart, hold the dumbbell with both hands (in front of your chest). Keep your back straight and retract your shoulders back and down while puffing your chest out slightly. Keep your head level and eyes looking straight ahead.

How to perform the good morning with a dumbbell

Slowly be nd at the waist while keep your back straight and eyes looking forward. It is very important that you don’t round your back. Bend until you are almost parallel to the ground and pause for a second or two. Using your buttocks, hamstrings and lower back raise your body back up to the start position. Keep your knees slightly bent throughout the movement.


Breathe in as you bend down at the waist and breathe out as you ascend back up.  

Important points for the good morning with a dumbbell exercise

·         Keep your back straight. Don’t round your back or move your shoulders forward. Keep your shoulders retracted back.

·         Don’t look down as this will cause you to lose balance and form.

·         Remember to use your hamstrings and buttocks to move the weight. Don’t allow your lower back to power the movement. Really concentrate on using your buttocks and hamstrings.

·         Squeeze your booty and hamstrings at the top portion of the movement.

 Video for the good morning using a dumbbell

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