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The Dumbbell Floor Press Exercise

The dumbbell floor press exercise is a great alternative for those of us who don’t have an exercise bench. The primary muscle groups include the chest and secondary groups include the triceps (back of the upper arms) and front of the shoulders. The dumbbell floor press is a great exercise for those of you who are looking to firm up the front of your upper torso area.  

The dumbbell floor press exercise - arms extended

The floor press exercise - bottom part of the movement

Position for the dumbbell floor press exercise

Place two dumbbells on each side of your exercise mat (or where you plan on lying down). They should be about 3 feet apart and easily accessible to you when you are lying down on the floor. Lie down on the floor with your back flat against the ground. Your knees should be slightly bent. Grab a dumbbell in each hand and press the dumbbells up until your arms are fully extended.  You will want to make sure the backs of your shoulder blades are flush with the floor. Puff your chest our and squeeze your shoulder blades together. This will properly align your shoulder girdle.

Execution of the dumbbell floor press exercise

Slowly lower the dumbbells until your elbows touch the floor. Pause for a second or two once your elbows are flush with the floor and press the dumbbells back up. Repeat as needed.


Breathe in as you lower the dumbbells and breathe out as press the dumbbells upward.

Important points for the dumbbell floor press exercise

·         It is very important that you don’t move your shoulders forward. Keep the backs of your shoulder flush against the floor during the entire movement.  

·         Your head should be level for the entire movement. Pick a spot on the ceiling and focus on that spot for the entire movement.

·         Squeeze your chest when your arms are fully extended. Pause for two seconds, and squeeze your chest muscles before lowering the dumbbells to the floor.

Video for the dumbbell floor press exercise

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