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Dead Bugs Superset With Ab Crunches

Dead bugs are a great exercise to include in a superset. It's a pretty versatile exercise that targets the entire front ab region. Ab crunches, like dead bugs is an easy exercise to perform and can also be performed anywhere. Personally, I use this in combination with two more exercises to form a circuit set.

For those of you who are just starting out or at the intermediate stage, this is a great superset ab combination to begin with. It’s not too intense but at the same time it will provide the challenge you need in order to jump to the next level.

If you don’t know what a superset is, please see my page here called “what is a superset”.  

Superset Exercise #1 - Dead Bugs

Position for the dead bug exercise

Lie a yoga mat or towel on the ground (for you to lie on). Lay down with your back on the floor and knees slightly bent. Retract your shoulders so that the backs of your shoulders are flush with the ground. Extend your arms directly in front of you. Keep your head straight and eyes looking at the ceiling. Lift both of your legs up and bend at the knees so that your legs are at a 90 degree angle.

Execution of the dead bug exercise

Slowly extend your right leg until it is straight (and parallel to the ground) and two to three inches off the ground. Pause for a moment and bring your leg back to the dead bug starting position. Slowly extend your left leg until it is straight and parallel to the ground. Your heel should be about two to three inches off the ground. Bring your leg back to the starting dead bug position. Repeat that sequence until you have completed the exercise (repetitions).

Once you’ve completed the prescribed repetitions for the dead bug exercise, immediately move onto the ab crunch exercise.

Superset Exercise #2 - Ab Crunches

Position for the ab crunch

Bend your legs so that they are at about a 60 degree angle. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Cross your arms in front of you and keep your head level and eyes looking up at the ceiling.

Execution of the ab crunch exercise

Slowly raise your shoulders off the ground and “crunch” towards your knees until your shoulders are an inch or two off of the ground. Pause for a moment at the top (contracted) position and return to the start position.


Dead bugs: Breathe in as you extend with your left leg and breathe out as you bring your left leg back in. Repeat with your right leg.
Ab crunch: Breath in as your crunch upwards and breath out as you return to the start position.

Important points

·         When performing the dead bug, make sure you keep your feet off the floor. They should be at least 3 inches off the floor and never allow them to touch. Doing so will keep constant contraction on your abdominal region (belly). Remember, pause slightly when you bring your knee upwards, before extending your other leg.

·         For the dead bug, your knees should be bent at 90 degrees.

·         If you feel any cramping in your abdominals, please stop the exercise.

·         Don’t put your hands behind your head and force your head upwards. Keep your arms crossed in front of your chest and don’t round your upper back. Keep looking straight up at the ceiling.

·         Don’t jerk the ab crunch or try and use momentum to move your upper body upwards. Use only your abs to lift your shoulders. Don’t worry if you can’t crunch too high, keep doing it and eventually you’ll be able to crunch a few inches off of the ground.

Video for the dead bug / ab crunch superset

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