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What Is A Repetition?

A repetition is a series of repetitive (muscular) movements for a particular exercise. When you lift the weight up (contract), pause at the midway point and allow the weight to come back down (eccentric) that is considered 1 repetition.

For example, let’s say we want to complete 6 repetitions using 10 pounds for the standing dumbbell curl.

Starting position - Muscle is contracting - begin curling the weight up

Mid point of the exercise - muscle is fully contracted

Muscle is elongating - The weight is being lowered back to the start position

One full repetition is the complete range of motion, from start to finish for the exercise.  

1)      First part of the movement is muscle contraction (the muscle shortens) as you curl the weight upwards.

2)      Second part of the movement is a full contraction (top portion of the curl)

3)      Third part of the movement is the eccentric (the muscle elongates), when the weight moves back into starting position.

Here’s a video of me explaining what a repetition is.

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