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Wall Triceps Extensions

The wall triceps extension is very similar to the traditional wall push up but instead of using your chest and shoulders to lower and push your body weight, you are going to be using your triceps (back of your upper arms). This is a great way to strengthen and develop the back of your upper arms. The great thing about the wall triceps extension is that the closer your stand to the wall, the lighter the resistance. The further away from the wall you stand the heavier the resistance (since you are using your own body weight).     

If you’ve new to exercise, I suggest standing closer to the wall to get used to the movement and get a feel for the exercise.

Ready position

Start (contracted) position - Full extension

Bottom position

Position for the wall triceps extension

Stand straight with your head level and eyes forward about two to three feet from a wall. Retract your shoulder blades down and puff your chest out proud to set up your shoulder girdle properly. Lift your arms up and lean forward so that your palms are on the wall and your arms are fully extended. Allow your shoulders to move back and flex your chest.  

How to perform the wall triceps extension

While keeping your upper arms and shoulders stationary, bend at the elbow and slowly lower your body forward until your nose almost touches the wall. Pause for a moment and using your triceps muscles, extend your arms (don’t push…extend) until your arms are fully extended. Squeeze the back of your upper arms (triceps). Repeat the movement until the prescribed repetitions are complete.


Breathe in as you lower your body and breathe out as you extend your arms back to the start position.

Important notes for the wall triceps extension

·         Remember, this is not a wall push up – don’t use your chest to lower your body or “push” your body back into position. Use your triceps muscles (back of your upper arms) to power the entire movement. Your upper arms should be stationary.

·         Do not allow your shoulders to move forward. Always keep your shoulder blades in the retracted position and keep your back straight.

·         If you find it is too difficult to perform a repetition, stand closer to the wall until you are able to perform the prescribed amount of repetitions. If the exercise is too easy, stand further away.

Video for the wall triceps extension

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