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Single Leg Front Jack Exercise

The single leg front jack (hybrid) is a great way to mimic traditional front jacks without the jumping or high impact motion. Since your feet never leave the ground, the single leg front jack is safe on your knees, ankles and hips. The great thing about the single leg front jack exercise is that it is not overly challenging but still challenging enough to get your heart rate up. In addition, the single leg front jack is great for helping you to strengthen and developing your legs.   

This single leg front jack is more of a hybrid movement that uses a “scotties” and front jack motion. This is good for those of you with shoulder issues because you don’t have to raise your arms over your head.

Start position

Arms raised, foot back position for the right side. Perform repetitions for the right arm and once complete switch sides.

Arms raised position for the left arm and leg.

Position for the single leg front jack

Stand straight with your head level and eyes forward. Retract your shoulder blades down and puff your chest out proud.   

How to perform the single leg front jack

Using a simultaneous motion, raise your right arm up to just past shoulder level and move your right leg backwards by about two feet. Lower your arm and move your foot forward. Repeat this motion for your right and arm and leg for the prescribed amount of repetitions. Once complete, switch to your left arm and leg and repeat the motion for the prescribed amount of repetitions.


Breathe in as you raise your hand upwards (and foot backwards) and breathe out as you bring your hand back down (and foot forward).

Important notes for the single leg front jack exercise

·         Keep your back straight and head level for the duration of the exercise

·         Keep your core engaged at all times

·         Try not to look down or up as this will cause you to lose balance.

·         It may take a few tries to find your balance. Try taking shorter steps backwards at first and once your balance improves take longer backward steps

Video for the single leg front jack exercise

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