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Resistance Band Rows

The resistance band row is an exercise designed to work your mid and upper back, shoulders and biceps (front of the upper arms). It’s a great exercise that allows you to keep constant tension on your back (and biceps) for strength and muscle development.  You can perform the resistance band row in a high or low position depending on your preference. If you are doing a low row you can perform this exercise in a seated or bent over position. For this demonstration of the resistance band row, I am going to be doing a high, standing row. The reason is that I like to really squeeze my shoulder blades together while getting the most from my upper and mid back.

I am using the GoFit resistance band (tubes) system. I highly recommend you use this type of set up as it will allow you to perform a wide range of exercises. It comes with a door anchor and handles – A great resistance band set up.

Start position

Contracted position

Position for the resistance band row exercise

Place your resistance band anchor near the top part of your upper door hinge. Stand facing the handles. Approach and grab both handles of the resistance bands and take a few steps back (until you feel some tension in the bands). Strand straight, keep your back straight and retract your shoulder blades. Keep your head level and eyes forward. I suggest looking at the resistance band anchor (in the doorway) and start at that for the duration of the exercise. Keep your arms in the fully extended position (arms in front of your chest). Your palms should be facing each other.

How to perform the resistance band row exercise

Using your back muscles, pull your hands towards your chest. Stop once your feel a contraction in your back and hold that position for a moment. Allow your hands to return to the start position.


Breathe in as you pull your arms in (towards your body) and breathe out as you return to the start position.   

Important points for the resistance band row exercise

·         Remember to set up your shoulder girdle properly before performing the movement. To do this, retract your shoulder blades back and down using your back muscles. Keep your shoulders stationary and in this retracted position for the duration of the movement.

·         Keep your back nice and straight and chest puffed out proud.

·         Really try and squeeze your back muscles when you pull inwards to the full contracted position

·         Your feet should be at shoulder width apart

·         Don’t look down as this will cause you to round your shoulders (which you don’t want to do).

Video for the resistance band row exercise

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