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Resistance Band Reverse Fly Exercise

The resistance band reverse fly is a great exercise to help strengthen and develop your rear and mid shoulder muscles. Using this exercise, you can expect to really hit the rear parts of your shoulder and upper back and keep constant tension on those muscle groups. I personally love doing this exercise because it emulates a rear delt machine at the gym which can be hard to do at home. The great thing about the resistance band reverse fly exercise is that it’s not only a very effective rear deltoid (shoulder) but a very safe exercise.

I use the GoFit resistance band (tubes) system for this exercise. I highly recommend this resistance band system. 

Ready position

Start position

Contracted position

Position for the resistance band reverse fly exercise

Place the anchor for your resistance bands near the top part of your door, preferably for the door hinge. Stand back and face the resistance bands. Approach the resistance bands and grab both handles and take a few steps backwards. Make sure your back is straight, your shoulders are retracted back and down and your chest is puffed out. Once you feel tension in the resistance bands, lift your arms until they are directly in front of you in a fully extended position. Keep your head level and eyes forward (don’t look down).

How to perform the resistance band reverse fly exercise

Using your shoulders, move your arms backwards in an arching movement keeping your both (arms) slightly bent. Stop once your arms are hands are even with your shoulders. Pause for a moment and allow your arms to move back into the start position. Repeat as needed.


Breathe in as you move your arms in the contracted position and breathe out as you return to the start position.   

Important points

·         It is very important that you keep your shoulders in a retracted position. Keep your shoulders stationary for the duration of the movement. Don’t round your back or allow your shoulders to move forward.

·         Puff your chest outwards (this will help keep your shoulders in the retracted position).

·         Don’t look down as this will cause you to round your shoulders

·         Start at the resistance band anchor (just in front of your in the doorway) and keep your eyes on that anchor.

·         Don’t use your arms to propel the movement, use your rear shoulders.

·         Really squeeze your rear shoulders in the contracted position (when you are at the midpoint of the movement).

·         Allow your arms to move nice and slow when you are allowing your arms to descend to the start position.

·         Keep constant tension on your rear shoulders and “feel” the muscle work.

Video for the resistance band reverse fly exercise

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