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The Keto Fit Meal Plan

The keto fit meal plan is a unique, hybrid keto nutrition plan that uses a combination of keto days, low carb days, moderate carb days and high protein days. Given as:

·         Monday: Low Carb Day

·         Tuesday: Keto Day

·         Wednesday: Low Carb Day

·         Thursday: Keto Day

·         Friday: Moderate Carb Day

·         Saturday: Keto Day

·         Sunday: High Protein Day

Why Use A Hybrid Keto Nutrition Plan?

Here’s the thing about using a strict keto meal protocol and weight training. I can’t do it. When I weight train, I need a certain amount of muscle fuel (carbohydrates) to lift weights. If my muscles are too depleted of energy, they are not going to perform. When my carbohydrate levels are below 50 grams per day, my muscles are going to fatigue very fast as I weight train – I don’t want that. I need to have at least 75 grams of muscle fuel for my body to perform at the levels I want them too.

My weight training sessions are meant to build lean muscle. To do that, I need to have productive workouts and if I don’t have enough fuel in my muscles that is not going to happen.

However...When it comes to burning fat I need to reduce my carbohydrates so that my body uses oxygen to burn fat for energy (ketosis) instead of using carbohydrates (glycogen). So, I developed a system that allows me to reap the benefits of keto (to burn fat) and carbohydrates (to strengthen and tone muscle) for some concrete results!

On top of that, this set up keeps me sane. I’ve tried using a strict keto protocol and there were days that I simply couldn’t do it because of my weight training / resistance sessions. With that being said, when I followed a keto day with my cardio sessions, I felt great. I burned fat and kept my lean muscle mass! Here’s a look at one of my workout protocols:

·         Monday: Weight training

·         Tuesday: Cardio and abs

·         Wednesday: Weight training

·         Thursday: Cardio and abs

·         Friday: Heavy weight training

·         Saturday: Cardio and abs

·         Sunday: Recovery day

If you notice, my low carb days are on my weight training days. It’s just enough carbohydrates to power my workouts so I feel strong and not exhausted. On Friday, when I perform my most strenuous workout, I increase my carbohydrates to 100 grams per day, which really optimizes my workout potentiation. On my cardio and ab days, I use strict keto protocols which allow me to burn maximum amounts of fat. Sunday is a recovery day and I get more protein than usual so that my muscles can rebuild and recharge for the following week.

The end result is a true fat burning, muscle toning system that works with your training program instead of against it. The Keto-Fit meal plan will keep you sane, keep your full and keep you energized.

The Keto-Fit meal plan will allow you to drop up to 20 pounds in 30 days (maybe less, maybe more) depending on how close you stick to the plan and how vigilante you are with your workouts.

What's In The Keto Fit Meal Plan?

The Keto-Fit meal plan is a 7 day plan that includes macro-nutrient information, cooking instructions and a grocery list.

How Does The Keto Fit Meal Plan Work?

It’s simple. Print out the plan including the grocery list and simply follow the meals are they are laid out. The meals are simple to make. Post the meals summary to your fridge and you’re good to go!

The Cost

$9.95 CAD. Once ordered you will be taken to a special download page where you can download your Keto-Fit meal plan.

If you're looking to lose weight and burn belly fat, the keto fit meal plan is the one meal plan you need. The plan will work for anyone, male or female.

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Blake Bissaillion
Owner, Belly Be Gone

Over his 30 plus years of experience, Blake Bissaillion has worked with nationally ranked body builders, power lifters and fitness professionals. In this time he has picked up volumes of applied knowledge that he openly shares with his clients. Mr. Bissaillion’s objective is to help as many beginners to weight training and fitness to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals while getting into their best possible shape. Mr. Bissaillion owns and operates Belly Be Gone, a fitness company that offers fitness and nutritional guidance and products.

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