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High Knee to Elbow Plus Uppercuts

The high knee to elbow plus uppercuts combination is a great low impact cardio movement that’s easy on the joints and will really get your cardio going. What I like about this movement is the fact that there are absolutely no high impact elements or derivatives which makes this movement safe on your knees, hips, and ankles. However, don’t think this is an easy movement because it will get your heart rate pumping and body moving. The key to this low impact cardio movement is to make sure you keep the motion between the two exercises fluid and consistent. That is, no resting in between exercises.

However, if you feel you need a rest, please take a small breather after the high knee to elbow until you are able to make the transition to the uppercuts exercise.   

Start with the high knee to elbow exercise

Position for the high knees to elbow exercise

Stand straight with your shoulder blades retracted back and down and your head level (eyes forward). Keep your eyes looking forward and try not to look up or down.

How to perform the high knees to elbow exercise

Raise your left knee upwards across your body and at the same time bring your right elbow down to touch your knee (you don’t have to touch your knee). Lower your leg back down to the start position and using your right knee, lift it upwards across your body to touch your left elbow (you don’t have to touch your elbow). Allow your leg to descent back to the start position. Repeat this movement for the prescribed amount of repetitions.

Now, as soon as you finished doing your repetitions for the high knee elbow touch you will immediately perform a set of uppercuts.


Position for the uppercut exercise

Bend at the knees (slightly) and raise your arms until your hands are in front of your chest. Make a fist with both hands and assume a fighting stance.

How to perform the uppercut exercise

With your left hand, lower it and take a punch upwards (left uppercut). Lower your arm and using your right hand, lower it and take a punch upwards (right upper cut). Repeat this movement until the prescribed amount of repetitions have been completed.  

Important notes about the high knee elbow touch plus uppercuts exercise

·         This is a combination, low impact cardio exercise so you will want to take it easy at first. It may take a few workouts to get the hang of the exercise flow so give your body some time to adjust to the low impact cardio exercise.

·         Don’t worry too much if you can’t touch your knee and elbow. Go as far as you are comfortable.

·         When you are taking your uppercut punches, go at your pace. Only speed up the pace once you are comfortable with the movement.

·         Try not to look up or down as this will break form and you may lose your balance.

Video for the high knee to elbow plus uppercuts

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