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Cross Arm Reach Exercise Low Impact Cardio Exercise

The cross arm reach exercise is a great, low impact cardio movement that can be used as a warm up or part of a combination movement. It is a relatively easy movement to perform and doesn’t require and special equipment nor does it require a lot of space. The cross arm reach is easy on your knees, hips and knees and doesn’t require any over-head reaching.

I personally use the cross arm reach exercise as a warm up but will occasionally use it as a part of a combination movement (as a circuit). It is also a great movement for beginners (to exercise) because it is a relatively easy to perform and it doesn’t require any complex motions.   

Start Position

Left Arm

Right Arm

Position for the cross arm reach exercise

Stand with your feet 3 apart. Retract your shoulders back and down and keep your back and head straight. Slightly bend at the knees and raise your hands to your shoulder in a “ready stance”.  Keep your feet flat on the floor to start.      

How to perform the cross arm reach exercise

With your left hand reach across the right side of your body until your left arm is extended. Once extended pull your arm back to the start position while reaching with your left hand to the right side of your body. Repeat this movement for the prescribed amounts of repetitions.


Breathe in as reach with your left arm to the right side and breathe out as you pull your left arm back to the start position. Repeat with your right arm.   

Important points for the cross arm reach exercise

·         Keep your head level and eyes forward. Try not to look up or down.

·         Keep your core engaged at all times.

·         I suggest picking a spot on the wall and stare at it for the duration of the cross arm reach movement.

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